Golf Lesson – What is Ground Force

What is Ground Force in a golf swing. Robin explains how to create ground force and how it helps you create club head speed.

Hi this is Robin Symes. I want to talk about Ground Force. I’m guessing you don’t really know what Ground Force is. So, let’s look at another sport to help your understanding.

Think about basketball. You watch a basketball player before they throw the ball, they’ll push their body weight into the ground. They’ll then jump up with a little bit of an upward thrust, releasing the ball at the end of that thrust. That down and upward movement helps them create energy. And it’s the same thing in a golf swing, even if you can’t see it so clearly. The longer hitters in their downswing will push their body weight into their left toe, their left foot, and then through the impact zone there will be a little bit of an upward thrust, releasing the energy into the club head. There’s a definite downward and upward movement in a golf swing. Don’t think the speed only comes from weight shift or rotation. A lot of it comes, from down and up.

So, the next time that you’re practicing, try to feel it in your downswing, you’re pushing your body weight into your left toe. A good way to visualize this would be you’re going to break some ice underneath your left foot. Your impact is a little upward thrust to release the energy into the club head.


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