Golf Impact: Golf’s secret should not be secret… and it’s not anymore

I’m a bloke just like you. But my handicap is +2.7 (2.7 strokes lower than scratch). How’d I get this good? Impact. If you strike the ball the way it MUST be struck you keep the course in front of you. If you keep the course in front of you (not chipping out from the trees, etc.) you’ll hit fairways, get on in regulation, get up and down when you need to, and play golf.

In this video instruction i show you precisely what 99.9% of instructors will not. why don’t they share this with us? Either they don’t know, or if they do they’re afraid you won’t need more lessons!! Example: B. Harmon charges $3,000 per hour. What? You kidding me? He’s not that good… Most instructors band-aid your swing, but don’t give you what you need, which is how to achieve correct impact!!! Some instructors say “get your hands ahead” but A) they either do not know how this is achieved B) they cannot explain it C) they do know but will not share it. I think majority are in the A and B camp. then, there’s a minority of instructors in the C camp. Even the PGA of America’s huge manual for “the proper golf swing” does not cover this information. I don’t know why… Perhaps I’m the only guy to go to this length? I doubt it, but as far as I’ve seen, I’m the only guy who shows it and explains it. This video will show you EXACTLY what you need to know.

Steve Elkington said it the best…
“[It] separates the guys that can play from the guys that can’t!!! Once you know where that is, how it feels, how it looks and you can repeat it, you’re golden.”


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