Major Swing Breakthrough “Ninja Death Star” and “Cold Glass Wall” Golf Drill

Major Golf Swing Break through

I have noticed that the best drills and swing feels always come in twos.

I’m not the type to post “Major Swing Breakthrough” all the time (in fact I have never done this), I just want to impart to you guys how special I think these feels are and what a big gamechanger I think it will be for my game.

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The last time I went to see Monte Scheinblum and he checked out my swing he said my only real issue was that my head was going towards the target on the downswing. To Monte, the head moving too far left is a major swing destroyer, especially with the driver. A very common issue for golfers of all levels.

Monte’s drill to fix this is to place a ball down on the grass with the logo barely showing on the back of the ball, on the downswing you just keep that small part of the logo in view, if you lean left (every thing on this website will be for a righty golfer) the logo disappears.

That didn’t work for me, my head movement left happens so late in my swing I couldn’t really tell if I was keeping the logo in view or not.

So like most golfers I, never really addressed, it started playing terrible and had no idea why.

When I edited together the video of Christo (my swing evolution) and I, my bad ballstriking cause was obvious, I was still moving my head too far left in the downswing.

So I hit the range and no matter what I did I couldn’t keep my head back, especially when I really wanted to smash it.

After asking a couple of strangers to hold a stick to the side of my head while I hit balls and watching a couple dozen slow motion swings I started to key in on something.

My other issue (and very common for experienced golfers) is that my hips out race my arms. My left arm gets pinned across my chest as my hips fire fast and early. STUCK, is the phrase and most golfers fall into this category to some degree.

After a lot of trial and error I came up with two moves to think about and I started crushing the ball straight with out pulling it (my go to miss). It keeps the head back and left arm forward.

I’ll release a video detailing this later but here goes (this will probably be too detailed, sorry in advance).


You IMAGINE a single vertical pane of glass sitting directly behind your golf ball. This thin glass wall would be perpendicular to the target line, imagine one side of the wall sits against the ball and it runs up through you so that YOUR LEFT CHEEK would be barely pressed up against the glass.

I want you to imagine the feeling of having a cold pane of glass pressed against your face. You cannot go left at all because the glass is there. Make some slow motion swings and feel this.

Then imagine that your on the way down that your cheek is pulling slightly off this pane of glass (you are pulling your head slightly away from the target). THEN the CLUBHEAD has to SMASH the glass before your head can go to the left (this is also helpful for getting unstuck and visualizing a square clubface). It’s good to go into a normal upright finish after you have “broken” the glass wall with your clubhead so you don’t get into a major reverse C and tweak your back.

When you are doing practice swing with this imagery you should try to ignite your senses, SEE the wall, FEEL the cold of the glass wall on your left cheek, HEAR the sound of the glass shattering into a billion pieces before you can move your head past where the ball was.



Doing the Cold glass wall alone could make you hang back too much and start over fading it. It is important to still get your center of pressure to your left side aggressively. It is easier said than done.

My long time swing issue is also being STUCK so feel this move as well.

While you are doing the COLD GLASS WALL feel I want you to imagine you are holding a NINJA DEATH STAR in your left hand and you are going to throw this sharp weapon of spinning death low and on the target line.

Imagine their is a two foot tall alien standing ten feet away from you, creeping you out and you are going to try to put this ninja star THROUGH his forehead. (hopefully aliens aren’t reading this).

Gimme your best shot.
That’s It. Like anything in golf this SOUND much more complicated than it is. It actually isn’t much to think about in practice, you can do this.

The results were absolutely amazing and I really think I am turning a page with my swing, blending Monte’s ideas with my imagery. It’s important that you make any drill or move your own.

Use the immense power of your brain and let your imagination run wild, it helps ingrain a positive feel quicker if you can get all your senses involved.

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